We know that most of Locksmeade residents are very happy with their homes, and the wonderful location in Ham. As a result the number of homes transferred in any year is very low.


Should you want to move, our accountant Rafal Szymanski has produced this useful guide to help the process of completing a successful stress-free sale.

  • You will need to tell your solicitor of your intention to sell (sometimes your estate agent will do this, if they have the full details of your solicitor)
  • We will tell the three local estate agents of the details they need, by updating previous guidance and information given. We cannot help with ‘out of village’ estate agents, however, you should direct them to this page.
  • All the properties are FREEHOLD, but because every new owner covenants with us to pay the Annual Service Charge (ASC), solicitors/legal conveyancers need to ask us about the details, etc.
  • There is a standard questionnaire which solicitors use, this asks, amongst other things, about whether you are up to date with the ASC, along with details about the company. They will want to see documents relating to reports and accounts, memorandum and articles of association, details of common areas for which the company is responsible. All these documents are available to owners, just ask. Some of these are from this website.
  • Rafal Szymanski answers all these queries on behalf of the company, for which he charges a modest fee. Firstly, for the information and secondly, for inscribing the new owner in the register of members. We no longer issue share certificates, but keep a register of members as the company is a company limited by guarantee.
  • He can be contacted at e-mail   Phone 020 8123 4179

For more detail visit the MOVING HOUSE IN MORE DETAIL page