The LMC is run by a committee of unpaid volunteer residents (currently 5 in number) who are appointed at the AGM.

The company number is  01573992

Our registered address is: 18, Udney Park Road, Teddington, TW11 9BG.

We hold regular minuted monthly meetings.

The annual maintenance charge – currently £160 with a £50 discount for prompt payment – which covers the calendar year, is levied in June and is set democratically at the AGM in April.

 This charge was £60 in 1990 and £90 in 2006.

The maintenance charge is our only source of revenue. At the moment this equals 88 houses × £110 = £9680 per annum.

All residents are notified of a forthcoming AGM which is held locally, usually in the Ham Christian Centre in Lock Road starting at 8pm.  At the AGM the accounts for the previous year are presented along with a budget for the following year.

Minutes of the AGM are distributed to all residents and will be available on this website in future years.

Most of the money the company receives is spent on garden and concrete area maintenance, public liability insurance, accounting fees, maintaining our reserves and other administration charges. The committee is unpaid.

Our gardener(s) do 4 hours per week from March to November and 4 hours per month from December to February. This represents a total of 156 hours per year, but this can vary slightly depending on the work load and the weather.

Our accounts are professionally audited and presented annually to Companies House and HMRC in accordance with their rules and regulations.

Our bank balance is kept around £15,000 as a contingency fund for emergency repairs and unforeseen expenses.